Victoria Park Life #vicparklife

Is a place full of mature trees and charming weatherboard workers' cottages with the baked orange-red of bricks. Where car yards are being redeveloped into apartments and commercial premises and a healthy mix of nationalities and socio-economic groups live together.

A place where the "Super-Cafe Strip" stretches a long way from the River to St James, alive and humming with its own unique energy. Where the local business owners offer fantastic service and a surreal "this is what shops used to be like" retail experience.

Where you can catch up for a meal, a beer or wine and wander home afterwards, past your friends' and neighbours' homes. With open space, parks, river foreshore and a healthy mix of nationalities and socio-economic groups.

Its charm is infectious, relax and enjoy #vicparklife

What's Happening

Our past is the motor trade and car yards but our future is infill. Car yards being redeveloped into apartments and commercial premises bringing more people, more vibrancy and making the promise of our cafe strip even more appealing and sustainable.

what is happening now:

Introducing Lara Parsons - Toys In The Park

1) Engineer turned toy shop owner – that’s a bit of a change, what led you to decide to take on Toys in the Park?I think the stars have aligned over the past 6 months and conspired to get me to this position – any other time in my life and it wouldn’t have happened! I was an Engineer / Project Manager for 14 years before I was made redundant at the end of last year and happily had some time off over the summer holidays to spend with our two boys. The plan was to spend this year owner-building our house renovations and enjoying being at home with the boys after a hectic 2014 of international work travel… Quite unexpectedly, I received an email from Jan informing me that Toys in the Park was up For Sale and offering me the business. I’ve been a long time customer of Jan’s – my eldest son was born about the time the shop first opened and in those early days I spent many hours pacing up and down Albany Highway doing what I could to get some fresh air and get out of the house with a newborn. Toys in the Park was always a favourite stop along the way. All of my boys’ favourite toys (and mine!) are from the shop and they have all stood the test of time, so it wasn’t a hard choice to start asking questions about the opportunity. Luckily my husband, Jason, has been a fantastic support and encouraged me to pursue not only a career change but a complete upheaval of our lives!2) Tell us a little about yourself - who is Lara Parsons?I like to think of myself as a city girl with country tendencies – Jason’s family are farmers near Mount Barker and we love to get out of the city and spend time down there helping out. I’ve just mastered the tractor and am not too bad at drenching sheep – there are too many things that can go wrong on the header though, so I leave that to more experienced hands!  We used to be Victoria Park locals but a couple years ago moved across to Kensington for a larger block. We’ve now got our little corner of the country in the city – 3 chickens, 10 fruit trees, a yard that the boys can enjoy running amuck in, and Dusty our rescue greyhound.The inner engineering-geek will always be part of me – I can’t help but get excited when I see all the science sets or construction toys now available for girls (and boys) that I wish were around when I was younger.I like staying active so I’m very tempted to get myself one of the Micro Rocket scooters and scoot to and from the store each day - watch out for some major falls along George Street in the weeks to come!3) What changes have you seen in Vic Park in the time that you have lived in the area and what ‘vision’ have you got for this great little Community of ours?The strip has exploded in the past 8 or so years that we’ve lived in the area. When I get a night out, I am always pleasantly surprised to see so many people enjoying and creating a vibrant evening atmosphere along Albany Highway – even in the middle of the week (keeping in mind that with two little ones, a night out is not as common an occurrence as it used to be!).The streetscape has improved in our time here, particularly with the sculptures and public art. I love turning a corner and finding a new installation on the side of a building or down a laneway – it adds a bit of intrigue!I would love the vibrancy to continue – more independent retailers, more interesting cafes and restaurants – there are still plenty of opportunities for new businesses and ideas. 4) The best part so far on your Toys In The Park journey?I’ve been to a couple of Trade Fairs with Jan – they involved very long and tiring days but I was excited to see all the new toys being released. I’ve still got a lot to learn, but it was heartening to know that all the toys I love are the ones that are already in stock or Jan has had in store previously – we’re on the same wavelength! 5) Your vision?My vision for Toys in the Park is to continue providing you all with unique and quality educational toys. I aim to continue Jan’s exemplary customer service (Yes! I will keep the free gift-wrapping) and improve our presence in the online community – the Toys in the Park website will be having a bit of a facelift soon and watch out for more activity on our Facebook and Instagram (@toysinthepark) feeds! 6) Vic Park in 3 words…Embracing Eclectic Community* Make sure you call in to meet Lara at Toys In Park from Tuesday April 7th onwards - Welcome to the strip Lara! Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100Ph: (08) 9470 3981

The Strip

Vic Park is a village, albeit one with a very long main street. Albany Highway. This "Super-Cafe Strip" tells the story of our diversity, our past and the quickly arriving future. The people are friendly and the local businesses offer suprisingly good value.

  • African hairdressers
  • Motorcycle accessory stores
  • Op shops
  • Pubs
  • Photography studios
  • Barbers
  • Book stores
  • Burger bars
  • Boot makers
  • Fair trade shops
  • Food halls
  • Gelato cafes
  • 24 hour pizza shops
  • Curio shops
  • Lingerie shops
  • Gift shops
  • Lebanese restaurants
  • Chinese restaurants
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Mexican restaurants
  • Vietnamese restaurants
  • Nepalese restaurants
  • Malay restaurants
  • Thai restaurants
  • Indian restaurants
  • Turkish restaurants
Cafe COunter

White picket fences and back yards with mulberry trees. Sure there are apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. But that is the Town of Victoria Park. It's got a bit of everything.

This is a place to live.

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