Victoria Park Life #vicparklife

Is a place full of mature trees and charming weatherboard workers' cottages with the baked orange-red of bricks. Where car yards are being redeveloped into apartments and commercial premises and a healthy mix of nationalities and socio-economic groups live together.

A place where the "Super-Cafe Strip" stretches a long way from the River to St James, alive and humming with its own unique energy. Where the local business owners offer fantastic service and a surreal "this is what shops used to be like" retail experience.

Where you can catch up for a meal, a beer or wine and wander home afterwards, past your friends' and neighbours' homes. With open space, parks, river foreshore and a healthy mix of nationalities and socio-economic groups.

Its charm is infectious, relax and enjoy #vicparklife

What's Happening

Our past is the motor trade and car yards but our future is infill. Car yards being redeveloped into apartments and commercial premises bringing more people, more vibrancy and making the promise of our cafe strip even more appealing and sustainable.

what is happening now:

Local boy makes good!

Vic Park local, Corey Diamond has opened an espresso bar with a difference on the ground floor of Exchange Tower in Sherwood Court in the City. The difference? Little Angel has an in-house pastry team and is creating products such as affogatos using liquid nitrogen gelato, all made to order with the bases prepared in their $30,000 pasteurizer. They also create their own custom affogato flavours on rotation such as pandan & coconut, musk stick and their soon to come ‘hot buttered popcorn’. Many coffee shops have single origin coffee, however Little Angel have single origin hot chocolates. Regularly featuring their favourite chocolates from around the world. The current offering is from Ivory Coast, 69% cocoa.The in-house Pastry team creates products with a difference such as donuts with creative, not often seen ingredients namely tonka bean, yuzu, violet and their current extreme donut featuring raspberry curd, summer berry glaze, freeze dried blueberries and a berry gel served in a syringe so diners can control the amount of gel they wish to enjoy!They also have a collaboration between themselves and a local chocolatier and have their own custom chocolate range featuring products like kaffir lime & lychee lego blocks (and raspberry and popping candy), strawberry & mint white chocolate feathers (using titanium dioxide to make it bright white) and salted caramel choc pops.Little Angel is open Monday to Friday from 6.30am until 3.30pm.Ground floor, Exchange Tower Sherwood Court, Perth.Let us know if you visit, we’d love to hear your thoughts.Follow Little Angel on Instagram here

The Strip

Vic Park is a village, albeit one with a very long main street. Albany Highway. This "Super-Cafe Strip" tells the story of our diversity, our past and the quickly arriving future. The people are friendly and the local businesses offer suprisingly good value.

  • African hairdressers
  • Motorcycle accessory stores
  • Op shops
  • Pubs
  • Photography studios
  • Barbers
  • Book stores
  • Burger bars
  • Boot makers
  • Fair trade shops
  • Food halls
  • Gelato cafes
  • 24 hour pizza shops
  • Curio shops
  • Lingerie shops
  • Gift shops
  • Lebanese restaurants
  • Chinese restaurants
  • Fine dining restaurants
  • Mexican restaurants
  • Vietnamese restaurants
  • Nepalese restaurants
  • Malay restaurants
  • Thai restaurants
  • Indian restaurants
  • Turkish restaurants
Cafe COunter

White picket fences and back yards with mulberry trees. Sure there are apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. But that is the Town of Victoria Park. It's got a bit of everything.

This is a place to live.

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