We cannot thank you enough for making a potentially stressful time a seamless process to success. I have to admit we were very apprehensive about dealing with anyone who claimed to be a realtor, but for you we have certainly changed our opinions.Our decision to select you as our representative was one of the best business decisions we have ever made. We interviewed five other realtors in total. Not one of them presented the element of a genuine partnership that held a vested interest in our property that you extended to us. This made it an easy decision for us to select you as our realtor.

Your effective listening skills and your attention to detail were made evident through the high quality level of service you constantly delivered to us. Your proposed home improvement ideas that you suggested to us that could potentially increase our return from the sale of our home; left no doubt in our minds that you held our best interests at heart.

There was never a moment when we were in any doubt about what was happening or what was required of us through the process of selling our home. Your qualified advice gave us the confidence to leave all matters pertaining to this process in your extremely capable hands.

We would like to wish you well in your future endeavours, but from what we have witnessed we know it is not luck you will need, as your sincere personality and specialised talents will surpass any edge ‘lady luck’ could provide.

Sunbury Road, Victoria Park

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