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The Baston and Co. story

George Baston started a trading store in 1881, Baston and Co. selling butter, bacon, barbed wire, beer, buttons and ‘whatever’ to pearlers, pastoralists, Afghan camel drivers, drovers and jackaroos.

The business expanded to a hotel and store at Maud’s Landing (Coral Bay) and a store at Gascoyne Junction.

By 1910, the iconic north-west operation was wound up and days of trading kangaroo skins, promoting ‘promising’ gold mines and selling wool to London were over.

We hope to bring some of the original spirit, endeavour, sense of community, and ‘never say die’ attitude of George Baston to the modern day.

Derek Baston and Lee Baston sell property in Victoria Park and East Victoria Park
George (Derek) & Lee Baston
Baston and Co. Property
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