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Derek Baston

Director / Sales

Every time I represent a property for sale I bring over 20 years of personal real estate sale experience to the table. Whatever the market, whatever the situation, I have the tools to advocate for my Sellers.

I understand that selling a home is always about the final price, but also so much more for the average home Seller. 

We aim not only for the best possible outcome, but to achieve that outcome stress-free, with plenty of effective communication.

My business energy would be wasted if I didn’t have the same enthusiasm to invest in my family – Lee, Oscar and Anais. Camping, kid’s sport and dog walking are all regular activities.

Getting the Type 3 Squareback VW and vintage Honda cafe racer (CB400SS) running and out of the shed into the streets of Victoria Park are also personal priorities!

Mobile: 0417 99 23 24

Lee Baston

Director / Licensee

Runner. Mum. Wife. Vic Park Lifer.

When not pounding a well trod path around the Swan River or signing up for the next crazy event involving any combination of running shoes, bike and bathers, you’ll find me on the sidelines of a football oval, at a netball or basketball game, cheering on two extremely active children.

A large part of my role at Baston and Co. Property revolves around the Community. When not supporting local businesses and keeping the community informed via our blog and social media channels, we support kids in sport through local schools and sporting clubs – a hangover from a Human Movement and Teaching Degree.

Initiatives like this were not always possible within the large franchise model of real estate locally so, after 10 years of being a part of such a model, we took the plunge to do things differently and Baston and Co. Property was born.

With a growing team of like-minded individuals, I look forward to a fabulous ‘Vic Park Life’ for the foreseeable future.

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Isaac Polini Photo Image

Isaac Polini


Real Estate Pedigree.

At the core of my being lies a deep-rooted love for helping people and selling local real estate. Nothing brings me greater joy than being able to assist individuals and families in finding their perfect homes, witnessing the transformation of their dreams into reality.

The satisfaction of knowing that I have played a pivotal role in shaping someone’s future and creating a sense of belonging within a community is immeasurable. Guided by empathy and a genuine desire to make a positive impact, I am dedicated to going the extra mile, ensuring that each client receives the personalised attention and care they deserve. 

For me, the art of selling real estate extends beyond transactions; it is about building meaningful relationships and leaving a lasting impression on the lives of those I serve.

Phone: 0414 13 99 76
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Rickie-Lee Vinicombe

Administrative Support

Real Estate – my first love.

When starting my Real Estate career at just 17 years old I had no idea it would bring me on such a journey. Having worked across a variety of changing markets and different roles my passion and love for the industry has only grown.

With an inquiring mind I am always willing to learn and go that extra step to make sure everything is ‘just right’. I absolutely thrive on being the engine, the person in the background making sure the wheels are turning and everything is running smoothly.

Growing up in the country grounded me with the country attitude and mentality – I understand the importance of treating people right, working hard and building relationships. Bringing this attitude with me into the workplace.

And while I have now swapped my desk for a home office, the hustle for a farm and Perth for the country, the one thing that hasn’t changed – my love for my job.

Phone: (08) 9361 9353

Rickie-Lee Vinicombe
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