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Belle of the Bump

Frustrated by her own experience finding a quality maternity dress to wear to a friend’s wedding, Victoria Park mum Nicole Cox Bertoldo was inspired to make a change.

The mother-of-two said she could not justify spending hundreds of dollars on a maternity dress she would literally wear once and decided to start maternity hire business, Belle of the Bump, to help other expectant mums.

Belle of the Bump is a home business that offers mums-to-be beautiful special occasion maternity dresses and gowns for hire for special events, weddings, baby showers and balls.

Nicole, who is also a freelance writer and media consultant, said since launching in 2015, Belle of the Bump had helped many mums-to-be from across WA.

“At the time, there seemed to be dozens of dress hire businesses in Perth that stocked designer frocks but I couldn’t find anything that catered for expectant women who might have a need to dress up during pregnancy,” Nicole said.

“I bought a couple of maternity dresses for myself online but when they arrived, they weren’t what I was looking for, the quality was poor or they just weren’t comfortable during my late stage of pregnancy.

“I just couldn’t justify forking out hundreds of dollars for a dress I would only wear once or twice. Paying $300, $400 or $500 for a maternity dress can be restrictive for any expanding family, let alone when you will only get limited wear out of it.

“It got me thinking that surely there were lots of other women in the same position.

“There really is a niche market of mums-to-be who see value in hiring special occasion wear for weddings, balls, baby showers and maternity photo shoots, especially at a time when you don’t need the added expense because you’re already decking out a nursery and buying a pram, baby capsule and all the must-have baby needs.”
“The feedback I’ve had since launching Belle of the Bump has been amazing. Expectant mums are so appreciative of the service we offer and relieved to have a one-stop-shop with lots of options.

“It’s such a simple concept but it has struck a chord with mums in Perth. The response has been beyond anything I imagined for a little home business.“

For further information, contact Nicole at or on  0419 941 443.

Vic Park Life

White picket fences and backyards with mulberry trees. Apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. It’s got a bit of everything.

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