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White picket fences and backyards with mulberry trees. Apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. It's got a bit of everything.

Hi, I’m Troy McClure…

Recently I have watched some real estate reps go toe-to-toe. Belting each other in the public arena.  Be that on social media, the digital equivalent of the Colosseum, or in the physical world of printed corflute pointer signs, flapping ineffectively in the wind by the road-side.

Sure our industry is widely renowned for being a “blood sport”, with a winner takes all mentality.  But this public display of egos battling is amusing and often distasteful for the community at large,  “…who do they think they are?”.

It reminds me of that Simpsons character, Troy McClure a washed up actor, famous for his quote “I’m Troy McClure, you may remember me from…

There is a symptom that plagues retired politicians coined relevance deprivation syndrome.  This effect has them speaking out in the media long after their opinions are required or valued.  So it is watching these reps war.  The emotion of the battle seems to control the engagement, not their business or professional outcomes.

Now I know that those that live in glass houses should not throw stones.  And ego is definitely not a dirty word, as the Skyhooks can attest. I’m the first to acknowledge that to be the best real estate sales representative, your ego is important.  How are you going to front up day after day in this market and advocate for your Sellers?  With massive self-belief. That’s how.  But stepping from massive self-belief in the work world to what amounts to a public dick-swinging contest between two sales reps from different companies is frankly embarrassing.

So, what are the things that count?  What do Sellers care about? What do Buyers care about?  The answers to those questions, that is where your real estate marketing focus should be.  

Market results.  Market your business. Market your values.

Sellers should be confident that you can successfully sell their home. With finesse. With aplomb. 

Buyers must be confident that they are dealing with an established business, a business whose integrity, reputation and processes they can trust. 

It has never been more important than now to focus on the job at hand. Finally, Perth is emerging from a dark winter of real estate malaise.   

The sun is shining and green shoots of positive buyer activity are everywhere. Home opens are well attended for fairly priced homes and offers are being written. 

Deals are being done. Choose your Agent wisely.

Derek Baston 


Vic Park Life

White picket fences and backyards with mulberry trees. Apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. It’s got a bit of everything.

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