White picket fences and backyards with mulberry trees. Apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. It's got a bit of everything.

Manna For The People

“Manna For The People”.
We will be making a selection of ready-made meals, good family sized portions, no fluff, no fru fru and available from our cafe for pick up from this weekend!

The 1.5kg trays below are $37:

  • Butter chicken (GF)
  • Russian Beef Stroganoff
  • Thai Red Beef Curry (GF)
  • Satay Chicken Curry (GF)

Conveniently packaged in disposable foil trays to simply heat, serve and enjoy or freeze down. The above meals are 60% free range meat and 40% sauce. These meals are also really great value for money when compared to what you might receive at a restaurant and are designed to eat with your stocked up staples ( pasta, rice and frozen veggies ).

Pasta $24, 1.5kg trays of

  • Beef Lasagna
  • Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni

Again, great value for money and fresh pasta used. Ideal for freezing as there is extra sauce to keep it all hydrated when ready to cook!

Pies or Quiches $24 each 1 kg Family Pies and Quiches.

  • Pumpkin, Spinach and caramelised onion Quiche
  • Peppered Beef Pie

All hand made using an all butter puff and short crust pastry.

Stock up and freeze for the week specials

$75 Manna For The People Combo – Any Meal, Pasta, Pie OR Quiche (Saving $10)
$40 Pasta, Pie or Quiche Combo – Any 2 pasta, pie or quiche (Saving $8)
$65 Meal Combo – Any 2 Meal (Saving $9)

All of the above is after careful consideration of what families like to eat, at a price point that is cost effective and more importantly, meals that can be frozen, making them suitable to stock pile. The service above was also in the event that the issue we’re all dealing with now, goes next level or a lock down is called.

This will all be available starting this coming weekend from Social Manna, collection at any time until 6 pm.

Lastly commercial bogg roll (700 sheets per roll at 3ply) available at $3 a roll or a free roll with purchases over $50.

E: info@socialmanna.com.au

Kind Regards,


Vic Park Life

White picket fences and backyards with mulberry trees. Apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. It’s got a bit of everything.

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