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Sell in Victoria Park 6100

Sell in Victoria Park 6100

White picket fences and backyards with mulberry trees. Apartments and town houses and villas and everything in-between. It's got a bit of everything.

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An overview of Victoria Park real estate

The team at Baston and Co. Property have been actively engaged to sell in Victoria Park for over 21 years. Sell with Baston and Co.

We specialise in residential real estate property sales only and we do it well.  Meet our property sales team here.

With a wealth of practical experience and a genuine sense of community, Baston and Co. Property bring expertise and a personable selling style to the sale of your property. See current listings.

The Town of Victoria Park are the local council and a lot of Vic Park information can be found on their website.

The Shelves Are Bare

Record low number of properties for sale has led to panic buying in many parts of Western Australia. Good news for Buyers – Baston and Co. has plenty of new stock coming up! This weekend we are opening a brand new listing,35A Canterbury Terrace East Victoria Park – a fantastic 4 bed x 2 bath

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A Library Of Things

The Vic Park Collective have done it again! Communities need people and ideas that make a difference.And this idea is a cracker! Have you ever wanted to tackle a small project, but realised that to go and buy an electric drill (or planer, or leaf blower, sewing machine, or router etc) for one job was

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This Market Is Fire

As I write this it’s going to be a sweltering 43 degrees in the shade in Perth today. BUT there is something hotter, and it’s not Hades.Perth’s residential real estate market continues to power on. A furnace of FOMO and frustration for Buyers. The Buyers are queuing down the street for anything that is ready

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A First Home Buyer Case Study

Flying The CoopA practical post on a First Home Buyer’s journey to buy in a very buoyant market. Ok this is a long post, but if you or somebody you know wants to get a sense of the first home buyer journey, beginning to end, it should demystify the process just a little.It should also

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