Two years ago, Vic Park Mum Dina Otley and her husband Judd, turned their dream of providing quality West Australian produce to the people of Vic Park, into a reality.  To say that Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts has had an impact on  the strip is an understatement.

The store blasted onto the strip and the frenetic pace has not stopped.  Customers travel from all over Perth to this little gem and leave laden with gifts and treats as addictive as any drug – don’t believe me? Chocolate Coated Pretzels, Fremantle Chocolate, Poached Pear Pate, El Asador Dulce De Leche…three words…I Dare You.

Walk in and be prepared to stay a while.  You’ll feel instantly comfortable, like you’ve walked into Dina’s own home and are part of the furniture (some handcrafted by Judd).  Her fabulous staff will be attentive to your every need and respectful of your wishes to ‘just browse’.  Then there’s the tea tastings, product tastings, her selfless giving to her Community and passion for every product gracing her shelves.

And it doesn’t stop there. Nosh’s Gourmet Hampers are are a favourite with many Corporate Organisations in and around Perth or those just looking for the ultimate special gift for friends and loved ones.
(Make sure you chat to Dina about Interstate and International delivery of her WA produce – she’s got that covered too!)

We are sure Dina would have chosen to run an animal haven in another life :p but for now, we’re glad she chose to bring us Nosh.

1) Dina, how was the concept of Nosh born? 

Judd and I lived in Dunsborough for close to 2 years prior to having kids with our gorgeous Staffy, Serge.
We loved the lifestyle and the food being produced down there – we fell in love with it all.

Years later  I wanted to do something but didn’t know what. I wanted to be able to still be with my kids and do all the running around after school that I’d always done.
I wanted to do something close to home and Judd suggested something on the strip.
I’d not really shopped on the cafe strip in the 13 years of living here as there was not much around.  Judd and I spoke about life down south and all the cool foods and how it would be great to have  all that produce in the one spot.  3 hrs is a long drive to get your fave dukkah or relish!

And so the concept of Nosh was born…we thought ‘why not open a shop that has the best of down south all in the one place?’
Then we were on a roll. Everything had to be geared towards food,  from the cookbooks to the serving ware to anything you’d give as a gift.

Then came the teas! The pots, mugs, tea sets, cannisters and more!  We now have over 130 teas in store.

I spent a year finding all these gorgeous things ( yep I was up to the wee hours of the night) doing my homework and then then the perfect location came up – 842 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park.

We knew the ‘look’ we were after so designed our shop with the ‘old Vic Park’ style in mind.

I think what we came up with ‘fit’ the area and  I think we added something to the strip people are really enjoying.

2 years later we are still here and still loving it.

2) Tell us something about yourself that nobody else knows.

I’m actually quite shy but since having opened Nosh have come out of my shell. I love meeting new people and have become quite good friends with a number of customers.

I’ve been with Judd for 15 years and married 13 of those. We have two gorgeous little girls who go to school locally. We bought our first house in Victoria Park 13 years ago. We sold and built in the area 3 years ago. We have 2 dogs, Terrah & Jake, 3 guinea pigs, 3 gold fish & 2 fighting fish. (Kids want more animals)
My favourite dessert is Galaktoboureko! Ha ha try saying that! I eat a whole tray to myself in 2 days and hate sharing it. It’s a family joke now that I cut small pieces for everyone so I get the rest.

3) What changes have you seen in Vic Park in the short time that you’ve been on the strip and what ‘vision’ have you got for this great little Community of ours?

In my 13 years I’ve seen Vic Park go through a huge change. The cafes that have popped up are fantastic. Ms Demeanour next door is great ( yep I spend a lot there!) Crow Books is an amazing store, Alan has done a great job – my kids never want to leave!

I think we still need more! The more variety we have the more people will come.

I see Vic Park being the old Subi or Leederville one day although I do think that the strip could do with a ‘facelift’.

The night life has definitely improved, both Nosh & Crow Books are open late & people love that. Sunday is a great day.
We started Nosh trading 7 days and it has been worth it. People love having somewhere to go.

4) One of your most ‘memorable’ customers or a memorable experience in the store?

I have too many memorable experiences to name only one.

The customers who visit are awesome. I love seeing people who really like what we have found for them. I’ve loved every moment of doing what I do. All the stresses are so worth it. My staff are amazing.

I’d like to thank everyone for their ongoing support. Without you we wouldn’t be able to do it.

5) Vic Park in 3 words…

Better than Subi!

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