Victoria Park

Be Prepared!

As we come to the end of an eventful year the old Boy Scout creed has never been more relevant. The post lock-down real estate glow continues in WA, with a shortage of housing stock, population pressure, cheap money and a gobsmacking rental shortage. The WA government’s conservative line on our border management has kept…Read More→

Our High Street Revival – In Retrospect

“In Retrospect” an exciting new retro pop up shop will open next week at 239 Albany Highway, Victoria Park (opposite  John Hughes, in part of the old Crystal Waters building). Owner and creator of “In Retrospect” local resident Claire Bissett, will offer authentic and retro inspired home wares including glassware, furniture and general retro ephemera.  …Read More→

Property Update – Subdivisions

Subdivisions explained: 16 things you should know about the subdivision process It’s not uncommon for land owners to approach agents about selling subdivided property before the subdivision is complete. In this blog post, I’ll briefly describe the subdivision process to give you an idea of the steps involved before the settlement of subdivided properties can…Read More→

Nature Play Picnic

Vic Park’s Kids Need Better Places to Play! Local families and businesses are working together to raise awareness of the need for more stimulating and challenging play environments for kids in the Victoria Park area. Under the banner ‘People For Parks‘ a growing number of local people are calling for better playgrounds and parks, including a…Read More→

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