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Time to Shine

After my last appointment yesterday evening, I sat in my car, rejected offers spread across the passenger seat, calling back Buyers who had missed out. Parked in a laneway at night, cabin light on, making the last phone calls of a very long day. Hardly glamorous. “I’m sorry but you’ve not been successful this time,…Read More→

Once In A Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime. Again.

Wow this market is Hot. Buyers will line up, down the street, in the rain for well marketed and well priced property. One of our properties opened for the first time this weekend had 131 people (yes registered, staggered and socially distanced ) through the door! 4 written offers and 98 Cargill Street is under contract…Read More→

Welcome 2021

Welcome 2021. The market is hot. I haven’t seen this much active buyer participation since the Mining Boom. Yes, I have been selling real estate long enough to clearly remember the heady days between May and September of 2006. It is important to note, even back then, with stock levels below 5000 in the metro…Read More→

Free Coffee Friday!

Well folks, it has been a long time between espressos! Free Coffee Friday is back this week on us! Head into Social Manna this Friday 4/12 between 6.30am and 9.00am , mention us and grab your free takeaway cuppa. We are hoping to help the Social Manna crew with their The Smith Family Appeal and…Read More→

Be Prepared!

As we come to the end of an eventful year the old Boy Scout creed has never been more relevant. The post lock-down real estate glow continues in WA, with a shortage of housing stock, population pressure, cheap money and a gobsmacking rental shortage. The WA government’s conservative line on our border management has kept…Read More→

The ‘C’ Word

I promise I won’t say the C word. With that established, let’s talk about the year in real estate so far. January – WA was back! 4 years in the real estate wilderness was over. We were shaking off the dust of despair and Buyer interest and activity was excellent. February – We were rolling….Read More→

Dirk Hartog Island 2020

July school holidays are well and truly over. Back to the books and work. With some great office support, we were lucky enough to escape the winter chill to the relative warmth of Dirk Hartog Island. Known as Wirruwanna in the local Malgana language, this is a relatively difficult place to access but well worth…Read More→

Manna For The People

“Manna For The People”. We will be making a selection of ready-made meals, good family sized portions, no fluff, no fru fru and available from our cafe for pick up from this weekend! The 1.5kg trays below are $37: Butter chicken (GF) Russian Beef Stroganoff Thai Red Beef Curry (GF) Satay Chicken Curry (GF) Conveniently…Read More→

When the shoe is on the other foot

In December 2019 we put our family home of 10 years on the market for sale. We recognized a gap in the Victoria Park market – family homes on unsubdivided blocks were hot property (I’d just sold a home around the corner for $1.35 million, off-market!). The enquiry was off the scale.Was our house being used…Read More→

Horse Whispering

It has been a while between posts. And not because nothing has been happening.In fact the contrary is true. We’ve been riding the bucking bronco of our real estate market. Sometimes hanging on for the wild ride, but often having to dig the spurs in to get some semblance of life out of a veritable…Read More→

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